As the temperatures got to the balmy side of -40 this week, I appreciated my love of Hot Yoga.  Sometimes during a cold Prairie winter there is sometimes nothing better than stepping into a wonderful Hot room to get your Yoga sweat on.

There are different kinds of hot yoga to get your sweat on but today I am going to chat about  Bikram and Moksha.
Bikram Yoga is a series of 26 postures (asanas) and two breathing exercises (pranayamas).  Classes are a standard 90 minutes in a heated room of 40 c and humity of about 40%.  I found the work out amazing but the only option of 90 min classes often makes it difficult to add to my schedule.
Moksha Yoga is hot and humid (though less than Bikram).  There is a sequence but teachers are not required to stick to a dialogue and there is some diversity in each class.  Class run in 60  , 75 and 90 min lengths, which allows you to fit it into your schedule.  Most Moksha studios offer other styles including Power Flow and Yin.  One the many cool aspects of these studios  - Karma Yoga (a lower rate with money being donated to charity) and trade for yoga (exchange your energy maintaining the studio for yoga classes).Regardless of style, yoga is about being rather than doing.Namaste
Welcome to 20-12.  As we all remember 2011 and make our resolutions for 2012 it is time for my 3 most loved yoga poses in 2012. 

Tree Pose

Not surprising with its therapeutic application for sciatica that this is one of my favorites.  I enjoy hanging out on one length and enjoying being.  One thing better than tree pose is hanging out in tree pose with your eyes closed.

Downward Facing Dog

Many new Yogi’s will disagree with me but I do love to get my downward dog on. This is one of my favorite resting poses - yes I said resting!  The therapeutic applications include asthma, flat feet, sciatica and sinusitis.


Strength. Balance. Concentration.  This is the beauty and challenge of eagle pose. Therapeutic applications include asthma, low back and sciatica.  Striving for concentration while twisting, squatting and balancing is an amazing.

What are your favorite yoga poses?