Welcome to 20-12.  As we all remember 2011 and make our resolutions for 2012 it is time for my 3 most loved yoga poses in 2012. 

Tree Pose

Not surprising with its therapeutic application for sciatica that this is one of my favorites.  I enjoy hanging out on one length and enjoying being.  One thing better than tree pose is hanging out in tree pose with your eyes closed.

Downward Facing Dog

Many new Yogi’s will disagree with me but I do love to get my downward dog on. This is one of my favorite resting poses - yes I said resting!  The therapeutic applications include asthma, flat feet, sciatica and sinusitis.


Strength. Balance. Concentration.  This is the beauty and challenge of eagle pose. Therapeutic applications include asthma, low back and sciatica.  Striving for concentration while twisting, squatting and balancing is an amazing.

What are your favorite yoga poses?

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