With Inversions. 


Yes the one who NEVER as a child managed handstands or headstands, has fallen in love with being upside down. It is a new love and I still need assistance from a wall, a teacher or a fellow yogi, but the first steps have been taken. I suspect that this is true love and it will only continue to grow as I become stronger. And more confident.

Amazing what can happen in a week.  This time last week I cringed when a teacher would mention headstands or hand stands. CRINGED. What changed?  I was brave and took an inversions workshop.   Workshops still scare me, and well an Inversion workshop......oh my. So I descided to face my fear and signed up for a couple of workshops this past weekend with Ryan Leier and yes one was on inversions. You do not want to know what was going through my head when I pressed register.

As I was doing the very beginner prep poses, the wonderful woman I was partnered with (who also happened to be a yoga teacher),turned to me and kindly told me, in not so many words, that I did not need these beginner poses, that I was strong enough to do the full pose against the wall. GULP. Ah what the hell.  And she was right! 

So this week when teachers mentioned headstands or handstands, no fear passed over me. I conquered the fear and ..... although it takes effort to get my heels above my head, once I am up..... I LOVE IT!

I am just beginning the journey with inversions and it may take me months or years to effortlessly get into these poses.  But now instead of looking at this journey with dread and fear I look at it with love. The inversion road ahead is beautiful.



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