10 years ago was the start of a love affair.  Although  I had not yet stepped on a yoga mat, it was my desire for endurance running that started the story. What brought me to yoga was essentially my desire to continue running after I was in a car accident.  If I had not started running, and if I had not been involved in a MVA, who knows when I would have found my mat. It was 10 years ago today that I ran my first Half Marathon.

 I ran my first half Marathon - Race The Twilight on June 22, 2002.  It was not love at first sight.  Those of us involved in  endurance running at this time all  have stories of that race in June in Edmonton.  With the amazing light that we have in June in Edmonton, a Marathon and a Half Marathon starting at 5:00 PM is not unrealistic.  The sun is setting at 10 PM this time of year. What was a total suprise is the temperature that day.  Who would have guessed the temperatures would be soaring above the sweltering +30 celcius mark.  I wasn't truly prepared for the tropical temperature race in Edmonton.  But I did not puke, did not pass out and got drunk off of half a strongbow (post race that is).  I crossed the finish line swearing I was never running an endurance race again.  NEVER.

Well 4 Marathons and >20 Half Marathons later I think I was wrong. To keep going I started yoga to keep my damaged back happy as I pounded the pavement. I then fell in love with Yoga.  Truly in love.  Happy  anniversary endurance running.  May we see many more years together. Thank You for leading me to my true love, Yoga.